Top 3 Email Marketing Services that allow Purchased Lists

Email marketing services that allow purchased lists
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Top 3 Email Marketing Services that allow Purchased Lists


What do you mean by Purchased Email Lists?

Several businesses rent or sell lists. Vendors provide these email address lists to any business or person willing to pay the associated expenses. Therefore, your email list is referred to as being purchased or shared if it was obtained from a third party, such as an affiliate or email list provider.  In this blog, you are going to know about the email marketing services that allow purchased lists.

Purchased Lists

These non-opt-in email lists are compiled by vendors in several ways. One of their most common techniques must have caught your attention. Think about those flashing banner ads you see on the internet.

For Instance, You might be directed to another lead site if you click on a banner ad that says, “Congratulations, you’ve won a gift,” or “You’re our lucky winner for today; click here to claim your bonus.” There you would be asked questions about your age, your income, and other information that would help them identify and market to you.

Not to mention, we also gather your email address during this procedure.

How purchased email lists are created?

Purchasing email lists from trade exhibitions (or other events) where registrants give their information during registration is another way that list providers obtain data.

People who signed up directly with you at your trade show stand are not the same as those who did this! The whole registration list is instead purchased here straight from the trade fair by list vendors. To receive pertinent offers, the site user may be prompted to conduct a survey and provide their email address.

If you register for something and the terms include language like “Sign up to receive notifications from our partners and us that we think you’ll like,” your email address is most likely being collected for a shared or sold list. This form is broken down into co-registration.

A website will frequently automatically or nearly instantly sign you up for other websites when you sign up for one. By presenting uncheckable boxes or bringing up additional subscriptions, they try to justify this. The subscriber in this instance was adamant that they did not want to sign up for the information they would receive.

The least moral way to create these lists is by email harvesting. Web scraping is the practice by which merchants employ bots to browse the internet and collect email addresses from blogs, forums, and comment areas. Occasionally, long-suffering employees earning low wages are compensated for manually extracting email addresses from websites.

Email Marketing Services that allow Purchased Lists:

One of the most efficient strategies to successfully reach a B2B audience is email marketing. Email’s directness can get your message in front of the appropriate audience and persuade them to act.

Fresh B2B leads are constantly being added to the sales funnel, which is a major priority for sales teams trying to grow. Perhaps you’ve thought about buying a sizable email list for lead generation reasons if your email lead production is stagnant. We’ll talk about email marketing providers that let you buy lists in this piece.

You can turn cold email traffic into warm leads by using the right third-party email marketing provider. An effective email marketing service that allows purchased lists will, at the very least, have the following features:

  • Data filtering and hygiene checks
  • Data provider suggestions
  • Friendly email templates for cold contacts, bespoke landing page integration

Below are  The Top 3 Email Marketing Services that Allow Purchased Lists:

1. Clickback Mail

Clickback makes it quite apparent that the creation of B2B leads is the only goal of their program. Before importing, they thoroughly clean the third-party list with modern hygiene testing. I can state with certainty that the majority of marketing automation programs lack this feature.

Using Clickback, it is feasible to send emails to cold prospects that are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. If you’ve reached your purchased list’s cold contacts, you may add them to your opt-in list and continue to nurture your leads.

The lead generating power of a non-permission-based list is the capacity to convert cold traffic into warm leads. Clickback MAIL enables you to create tailored campaigns by allowing you to include details like the names of your contacts, company names, and more.

Utilizing an email sending service like Clickback that offers the proper tools can help you quickly increase the number of outbound B2B email leads you to generate using a purchased list. They have a successful track record of using purchased lists for email marketing, which is hard to find in this industry. Like with everything in the B2B industry, it’s all about targeting the correct buyer profile.

Few unique features that are practical to use:
  • Create more strategic campaigns
  • List cleaning and confirmation
  • Optimization of a campaign
  • High-tech HTML editor
  • On import, clean up your list.
  • Designing expert emails
  • Greater campaign ROI
  • Opens and clicks Boost


I found out recently about Hotsol, another email marketing service that permits purchased lists. This platform is a bulk email distributor that collaborates with companies of all sizes to deliver a lot of emails regularly.

Businesses can send campaigns using their bulk email marketing services with no restrictions on subscribers or time constraints. Users who already own email software and wish to send up to 10,000 emails per day are given access to SMTP accounts.

Hotsol also offers dedicated email servers for high-volume senders who want to send more than 50L emails per day. They use a variety of domains and a rotation of IP addresses to send emails. The following characteristics apply to this platform for high-volume email distribution:

  • Monitor your email lists.
  • The cloud-based address book you upload.
  • Categorize the list after sorting it.
  • Send behavior-based trigger emails and test various iterations of email campaign content.
  •  Post your feedback right away.

3. offers many of the features that marketing and sales teams look for when getting ready to send emails to a purchased list. Finding and verifying email addresses, sending cold emails and drip campaigns, and automatically integrating with current sales resources are all part of this process.

With their sophisticated tracking features, you can keep an eye on email open rates, connection clicks, responses, and much more. Oddly, isn’t mentioned as allowing purchased email lists, but the program’s design seems to support this possibility.

The advantages of using these services are as follows:
  • Bulk Email Address Lookup
  • Plan out your emails
  • Email Sequences Email personalization using variables
  • Give away your templates
  • Bulk email address verification
  • Chrome extension for Google
  • Simple Domain Search for Website
  • Conduct an email search in spreadsheets
  • Discover Potential Clients on Business Networks

One of the most effective digital lead generation channels is email marketing. If you have an email list that hasn’t generated a return on your investment, think about using an email marketing program made for sending to a purchased list.

Because they are personalized, focused, and purposeful. Moreover, emails are effective communication tools. Because it’s harder than it seems to ask people to join your email list, though. It takes more time and hard work to build an email list.

What to think before when buying an email marketing list?

Focus your efforts and choose your target audiences first. Then, simply purchase names that correspond to your specific needs, such as title, business, sector, state, location, marketing budget, firm size, and so forth.

Selecting names with a clear connection to the company’s position in the market is more effective. You are more focused on their market the more specifically targeted a list you can get and the more probable it is that your content will resonate with that list.Purchased lists for email marketing

After making a purchase, it’s critical to wipe off your shopping list. No matter how reliable the source, you should expect a fresh list to have a garbage rate of 25%. Run cleanse on your list before selling to it to make sure all invalid email addresses are removed.

Facts Regarding Sending Email to a Purchased List

Is it effective to send emails to purchased lists? Yes, it is possible to send email marketing to a purchased list securely and efficiently. This can be a terrific method to bring in new B2B leads, boost sales, and expand your company.

Sending an email to a specific list of cold contacts is the foundation of non-permission-based email marketing, which is done in the hopes of generating a few new leads for your sales staff.

Although it could initially appear to be “spam,” clever marketers regularly employ this strategy to acquire top-notch B2B leads. Outbound email marketing is a strategy for ethical businesses providing helpful answers to connections in their field who are highly targeted.

The most essential point to keep in mind in the area of email lead marketing is that your message must truly benefit your subscribers. Furthermore, you need to have an easy fix for an issue if you ever intend to convert a cold prospect.

Final Thoughts on Top 3 Email Marketing Services that allow Purchased Lists:

The individuals on this list after all have no notion who you are or what services you offer. You can create a powerful lead generation strategy by combining a purchased list of emails that match your target customer profile (sales, marketing, c-level executives, etc.) with an email marketing tool that makes it easy to reach them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Several businesses rent or sell lists. Vendors provide these email address lists to any business or person willing to pay the associated expenses. Therefore, your email list is referred to as being purchased or shared if it was obtained from a third party, such as an affiliate or email list provider.


  • Clickback mail
  • Hotsol

Yes, it is safe to send email to a purchased list securely and efficiently. This can be a terrific method to bring in new B2B leads, boost sales, and expand your company.

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